Sponsor a Dream

For more information on sponsoring a dream or to learn about other mentees’ dreams, please email [email protected]. Detailed mentee program budget will be provided to the donor on what the sponsorship is allocated to.


Jeremiah, 5th Grade

Dream: Baseball player; Summer Olympian

School: Likes science, good at most subjects.

Activities: Loves Baseball – Plays SS & catcher on an all-star travel ball club. Likes riding bikes, fishing and art class.

What he’s looking for in a mentor: Wants to be active with his mentor. The ideal mentor would want to go fishing, play catch.

“My name is Jeremiah and I’m in the 5th grade. My dream is to become a baseball player. I play shortstop and catcher in my baseball club called the Fremont Cal-Ripken and I just love watching my favorite team, the (Oakland A’s/San Francisco Giants), on TV—I don’t miss a single game! My favorite subjects in school are science and art and I get really good grades.”

What I’m looking for in a mentor: “Someone who likes baseball as much as I do! Someone who can play catch with me, take me to an (Giants/A’s) game, or even go fishing. Also anyone who has played for a baseball team like high school or college so I can learn some tips from the big guys.”


Moses, 4th Grade

Dream: Good paying job; Travel; Be good father

School: Excellent grades. Doesn’t like math but still excels at it.

Activities: Likes baseball and fishing. Wants to learn to play guitar.

What he’s looking for in a mentor: Wants to build a strong relationship with his mentor. Likes fishing and baseball.

“My name is Moses and I’m in the fourth grade. My dream is to get a good paying job, travel, and be a good daddy. I like school and I get really good grades, but I don’t really like math. My favorite hobbies are baseball, fishing, and listening to music. I’d like to learn how to play the guitar someday!”

What I’m looking for in a mentor: “I’d like someone who will be there for me and likes to see how I’m doing. One of my other dreams when I get older is to travel around the world so someone who has been to far away places to tell me stories about other cultures and people. Maybe someone who knows how to play the guitar so they can show me how to play. Oh, and someone who also likes fishing and baseball!”

Gabe, 8th Grade

Dream: Baseball player; Summer Olympian;

School: All As and Bs except Math (C), where he’s struggling.

Activities: Baseball, plays CF and Pitcher, but more casually. Plays basketball too.

Sam, 8th Grade

Dream: Police officer.

School: Good at PE and band. Really bad at English (language arts). Bad at math and science. Update 2013-Mar: Was flunking out of school but is bringing his grades back up.

Activities: Baseball, had trouble getting to practice with travel club. Has an artistic/crafty side, e.g. with building things with Legos.