Become a Partner

Capture the Dream, Inc. is seeking ongoing partnerships with all participating organizations.  This includes corporations, nonprofit organizations, local public schools, transitional housing, and foster homes.  Partnerships will include helping fund and coordinate events and programs that benefit our community in the San Francisco Bay Area – specifically in San Francisco and Oakland.  Together we can diversify our offerings to the Bay Area’s low income youth K-12 students by providing our partners with educational field trips, backpack and school supplies, scholarships, and micro-funding and mentorship through our Dreamcatcher program.

Partners will be recognized through our newsletter, social media, event banners, fliers,  media exposure, and more.


Capture The Dream, Inc. offers a multitude of sponsorship opportunities for corporations:

Scholarship Fund 

Our Scholarship Fund sponsorships allow a corporation(s) to be the gateway to a student’s academic future. For as little as $1,000, Capture the Dream, Inc. will work with you to develop guidelines for your scholarship to benefit low income Bay Area residents. We will craft a scholarship in your preferred area of study–such as students majoring in health sciences–and to your community focus, such as benefiting female ethnic minorities. All scholarships would be branded as being sponsored by our company and you can be part of the selection process to pick the best candidate for your scholarship.  You also have the opportunity to host a scholarship award ceremony that may include media coverage of the presentation of awards to the selected candidates.

For more information, contact [email protected].

Dreamcatcher sponsorships give the opportunity for corporations to sponsor one child’s dream or group of kids who share the same dream. The donation varies depending on the type of dream.   Dreams in the Dreamcatcher program can range from sponsoring a student’s dream to be an optometrist by donating $500 for books, a day in the life with a real police officer, or sponsoring 5 kids’ dreams in the field of science. Donors will receive recognition on our website, newsletter, social media, the individual being sponsored by the company, and potential media/press releases featuring your work with our program.

Contact [email protected] or [email protected] for partnership opportunities.  The application process for the Dreamcatcher program is ongoing (no deadline)