Get Involved

At Capture the Dream, Inc., we believe there are numerous ways to get involved. You can participate in the dream movement by giving funds or giving time.

View any of the following sections to learn more:

Give Funds

Your world is only the size of where you go in it. Volunteering expands our borders beyond family and friends to reward us with more family and more friends. The children we serve may as well be our own and therefore, with every project funded, event organized, every person helped, and every volunteer added, our family grows larger. We ask you to join Capture the Dream, Inc. foremost to benefit of the children we help, but also to see first hand the difference that can be made in a child’s life, and the difference that can make to our own.


Give Time

Investing in a child’s future pays dividends that last a lifetime. Every dollar invested in a child’s education is paid back with better decisions, which leads to less crime, stronger communities, and more people able to help those around them. Your donation is magical. It can become whatever a child needs most–a school book, a mentor, or just an experience out of the ordinary. By making a donation to Capture the Dream, Inc., you allow our volunteers to work on your behalf to support a child’s educational and career aspirations, while your donation teaches them the the power of generosity.