Host a Fundraiser

Capture the Dream, Inc. appreciates your consideration in selecting us as a beneficiary for your fundraiser. Please provide Capture the Dream, Inc. with your event details 2-4 weeks in advance if you are requesting a Capture the Dream, Inc. representative to be present and/or volunteers to assist you.

When you are passionate enough about a cause to consider raising funds and awareness, you’re event is already on the pathway to success! Here are some simple steps to get you started:

  1. Contact us to get started! Our organization is happy to walk you through the process of setting up your fundraiser and provide any resources that we have available.
  2. Select where your funds go and your fundraising target: Capture the Dream, Inc. allows the opportunity for donors to contribute to a specific program, event, and/or dream. Once you determine where your funds will go, you can set your target. (ex. $1,000 towards the scholarship fund).
  3. Assemble a team of volunteers, family, and/or friends: Form a team of volunteers who are willing to staff the event. Assign duties and tasks according to experience and expertise. If you need additional volunteers at the event, Capture the Dream, Inc. will work with you to recruit existing volunteers from our database.
  4. Brainstorm with your fundraising team on ideas: Select a type of fundraiser you wish to host. Common fundraising events are raffles, auctions, bake sales, car washes, networking events, dinners, sports competitions, and/or concerts. Contact us so that we can provide you with a formal approval for the event and fundraising letter to share.
  5. Plan out the event: Select the when and where. Book a venue if needed and/or partner with select companies to host the event. Detail out the timeline, deliverables, resources needed, and day-of logistics. Your event budget should take into account your fundraising goal, ensuring that you raise enough to cover expenses. Be sure to plan a buffer in your budget for unforeseen costs.
  6. Host the event: Determine who your target audience is. Publicize the event details so that your guests will attend. Emphasize to guests the importance of the cause. If pre-arranged with CTD, our DreamTeam will also be present to support you. We will provide a Capture the Dream, Inc. banner and other collateral as needed.
  7. Thank yous and Event Wrap-Up: Make sure that you make a list of everyone involved in the event including volunteers, vendors, and/or donors. CTD will send a personalized thank you note to all parties involved. Publicize the success of your event and submit your donation to Capture the Dream, Inc. via paypal or check. Our staff accountant will also provide tax receipts for all donors either on the day-of or after the event.