Latest: Effective this year, we will not be running the Adopt-A-Family program anymore, but you can still donate toward the cause of helping families in need for the holidays. Click here for more information.

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    What is Capture the dream ?

    Capture the Dream, Inc., a registered 501(c)(3) California nonprofit, serves low income individuals throughout the SF Bay Area enabling them to achieve their educational and career-oriented ambitions. Our 100% volunteer-operated team achieves this by providing resources, financial and motivational support, and meaningful opportunities.

    Why we are doing this ?

    Thousands of Bay Area school children are forced to drop out each year due to financial hardship and neglect. We foster hope, love, and support to youth at critical time periods to empower them to overcome adversity and achieve their dreams. Our outreach program delivers financial aid to low-income families, single-parent homes, and foster children.

    As a result, our award-winning organization has distributed over $300K to over 4000 people in need and has garnered significant praise from the media, since our inception in 2006.