Volunteer Testimonies

johnswagerJohn Swager, Public Relations Manager
“I enjoyed the volunteer work in Public Relations with Capture The Dream, Inc.. I was able to add some new skills and build on some others. The events and programs we worked on made a positive change in the community. I was also able to develope several new friends through the meetings and group get togethers.”

MichelleFamularMichelle Famular, Executive Assistant to CEO
“I volunteered as an Executive Assistant for Capture the Dream, Inc. for over 2 years and the experience was amazing. I learned the fundamentals of running a nonprofit organization from operations, volunteer recruitment, program management, marketing, fundraising and more. Since I personally took a break from working, this experience was the resume-builder that I needed to get me back into the employment pool. As a result, I was able to secure a job opportunity in a related field once I began my employment search. The experiences I had with CTD will always be moments that I treasure as well as the diverse and fun team that I was able to work with. I hope that you will consider volunteering for the organization. When you give back, you end up gaining so much more.”

1Cheri Yau, Executive Assistant & Scholarship Fund Program Manager
“Volunteering at Capture the Dream, Inc. was an inspiring experience. Not only did I learn a lot about how a nonprofit organization is run in terms of recruiting, fundraising and marketing, but I met many amazing individuals. Starting from the solid team of volunteers willing to dedicate their spare time to the community, to the incredibly intelligent and hardworking scholarship applicants that continue to pursue their dreams no matter what obstacles have come their way. Working with CTD opens your eyes to what can be achieved with perseverance and is a chance to do something great for the community.”

2Tahirah Thompson, VP Community Programs
“When Janine approached me to work with her start up non-profit I was excited to take part in something that was new, fresh, and just beginning. Working with Capture the Dream, Inc. allowed me to pursue my passion of working with low-income communities and children. It was instilled in me at a young age to volunteer and give back to those that are less fortunate then myself. Capture the Dream also aided me in increasing my Leadership Skills. I was able to not only create new programs, but also lead teams to successfully implement them. Capture the Dream, Inc. played a major part in me decided to pursue my passion full-time of working with this undeserved population through teaching and education. Today, I am a middle school teacher for Teach for America in Atlanta.”

5Caroline Shin, Adopt a Family Program Manager
“Volunteering as a prior Adopt a Family Program Manager was such a rewarding experience for me. I learned how to plan an event, manage deliverables, and lead a team for a common cause. The most heartfelt part was working with children to help make their Christmas dreams come true. I will never forget the impact that we made on the community. This experience confirmed my desire to work with children as my career and I am currently studying for my teaching credentials as an elementary school teacher at St. Mary’s!”

4Tiffany Koo, Program Manager for Adopt a Family and Scholarship Fund
“Capture the Dream, Inc. provided me with so many volunteer opportunities to reach out to the local community and learn more about the different kinds of resources that are available to community members in need. As an Adopt-a-Family program manager, I was able to build long-lasting relationships with many different local organizations and learn effective ways to establish and maintain mutually beneficial partnerships. As a soon-to-be elementary school teacher, I find it so important to not only get to know the local community, but also to know how to engage with its various members in culturally sensitive and responsive ways, as the community can be an amazing educational resource for students. By connecting students with their community in relevant and meaningful ways I can inspire my students to be more actively engaged and well-informed citizens. I may not have realized how accessible various community resources could be had it not been for my volunteer work with CTD. Now, I am officially a graduate from Columbia University with a MA in Curriculum & Teaching!”